Corporación GPF upholds its commitment through the efficient use of its resources, caring for the environment and for the health
and safety of its associates.

In a proactive manner it seeks for opportunities to mitigate the impact of its operations and internally strengthens
a risk prevention culture.


For Corporación GPF, what is not measured cannot be improved. At present, it measures its Carbon Footprint (CO2) in its Corporate Complex in Amaguaña (Corporate Building and Advanced Logistics Center – ALC), as well as in strategic points of sale nationwide. It identifies opportunities for optimization in all its processes. Its challenge is to obtain the Carbon-Neutral Certification by 2018.

2014-2016 Milestones:

  • 40% reduction in the consumption of electric power in remodeling works at different premises and new points of sale.
  • 100% use of ecologic coolants in air-conditioning units in its premises and in refrigerated dispensers in its points of sale.
  • 100% replacement of cardboard for plastic cases manufactured in the country at the Advanced Logistics Center. 208 329 Kg of cardboard were collected in 2016.
  • The Corporate Complex has a water treatment system that complies with established parameters for liquid discharges. Resulting muds are used as an ecological fertilizer.


A permanent policy applied in Corporación GPF seeks to identify, evaluate and prevent risks of accidents that may jeopardize its associates. It maintains regular training in first aid, emergencies, fires, evacuation practices and forklift operations. It periodically conducts evacuation, earthquake and major accidents drills.


The 7 Principles for Women’s Empowerment –2016


Corporación GPF is the fourth company in Ecuador committed to include “The 7 Principles for Women’s Empowerment” in its daily actions, policies and business strategy.

This initiative promoted by UN Women prompts GPF to continue in its efforts to ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Green Point Fybeca “El Batán” – 2016

Certification granted by the Ministry of the Environment to El Batán point of sale for the project “Reduction in the use of thermal rolls,” which brought down the size of invoices.

Fybeca is the first service corporation that has received this recognition and has replicated this initiative in its points of sale nationwide.

Green Point Corporate Building – 2014

The certification granted by the Ministry of the Environment to GPF’s Corporate Building highlights the company’s good environmental practices.

A 64% reduction in paper consumption, 25% reduction in water consumption, and 2% reduction in fuel consumption are some of the indicators that make the company worthy of these recognitions.

Mucho Mejor si es Hecho en Ecuador (Even better if it’s made in Ecuador) – 2015

Corporación GPF supports the national industry and gives priority to the participation and development of Ecuadorian producers that apply quality processes in their manufacturing practices.

Products under its own brands, Fybeca and SanaSana, have this quality seal.

Hace Bien (It’s Well Suited) – 2014

Certification granted by the Ministry of Industries and Productivity to foster entrepreneurial ethics and social responsibility.

These practices include respect for its employees, clients, suppliers, the community, as well as timely payments of tax obligations and environmental care.

Instituto Ecuatoriano de Gobernanza Corporativa (Ecuadorian Institute of Corporate Governance) – 2013

The goal of the IEGC is to uphold the promotion and dissemination of good corporate governance practices, as well as to generate and update guidelines and principles of corporate government.

Corporación GPF shares its philosophy and seeks to promote, disseminate, and support the adoption of good corporate management practices, which has allowed professionalizing the complex administration of its different operations.



Ei 2016 Award for Innovation Management, granted by the Alianza para el Emprendimiento e Innovación –AEI (Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Vistazo Ranking – 500 largest companies in Ecuador – 13th Position

Best Ecommerce 2016 Ecuador Platform: Fybeca.com

Most efficient company in the pharmaceutical and supply sector: PROVEFARMA S.A.


MERCO Ranking Companies with Best Corporate Standing – 11th Position

General Rumiñahui 2015 Recognition

Great Place to Work 2015 Fybeca 2nd Position

MERCO Ranking Companies with Best Social Responsibility Practices 16th Position

High client satisfaction level – SanaSana.

Most Efficient Company – Provefarma S.A.