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For Corporación GPF, health, education, and wellbeing are essential elements in the quality of life of the communities it serves. Its commitment is realized in its joint work with social organizations of indisputable background.

Corporación GPF, through its brands Fybeca and SanaSana, will financially contribute to the program “Vidas con Propósito” (Lives with a Purpose), which will allow 1.300 girls to improve their quality of life. We started 2018 with the firm commitment of preventing gender-based violence and to contribute to the empowerment of underprivileged girls. In Corporación GPF we are convinced that education is the best and most efficient tool to narrow gaps and build an Ecuador without violence.


Cruz Roja y GPF

As of 2010, Corporación GPF and the Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana work together in training and providing healthcare assistance in rural communities in the country.


As of 2014, Corporación GPF and the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil secure a better quality of life for children, mothers, and older adults in Guayaquil.


Corporación GPF takes actions together with other private institutions to encourage the reactivation
of the zones most affected by the April 16th, 2016 earthquake in the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas in Ecuador.


Solid and constant work with vulnerable sectors

Emergency measures:

Close to 10 000 people aided with food, hygiene, and healthcare emergency kits in Manabí and Esmeraldas. Parasites treatment campaigns conducted in Same-Esmeraldas and Punta de Veche – Pedernales.. The telecommunications kit that operates with solar energy was also mobilized to respond to emergencies in Pedernales, facilitating communication in sites with coverage or geographic limitations.

Attention Buses “Juntos por tu Salud” (Together for your Health):

From April 2016 to February 2017, aid was provided to over 14.000 people, most of them living in rural communities in Manabí and Esmeraldas.

“Tu Vuelto” (Your Change) Program:

To March 2017, close to $ 85 000 were raised nationwide thanks to the contribution of Fybeca’s and SanaSana’s clients. This amount will be used to implement environmentally friendly sanitary solutions in rural communities in Jama and Pedernales.


Support fund for micro entrepreneurs affected by the earthquake

The ReEmprende (ReStart) project was established under the leadership of the Alianza para el Emprendimiento e Innovación – AEI (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance) and the participation of the Inter American Development Bank, Banco Solidario and the United Nations Development Program.

The goal is to support micro entrepreneurs in Manta and Portoviejo affected by the earthquake, through productive financing with a $10 million fund and technical assistance. To this date over 1 200 credits have been granted and close to 1 800 people have received training.  


The common goal is to improve the quality of life of the community

Following the April 16th, 2016 earthquake, Corporación GPF and the Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad San Francisco de Quito -USFQ (Public Health School, Universidad San Francisco) joined efforts to bring medical and nutritional attention to the “La Punta de Veche” community in Pedernales.

Both institutions seek to improve the quality of life of over 470 people through deworming treatments for children and adults, primary medical checkups, and dental care provided in mobile units belonging to Corporación GPF.

The USFQ brigade also delivered water filters to over 50 families that were duly trained.


Training of Young Leaders

The Fundación Enseña Ecuador (Ecuador Teaches Foundation) works towards training young leaders as agents of change, to guarantee quality education for children and adolescents in vulnerable sectors.

Corporación GPF supports a scholarship fund that has benefitted the formation of professionals.

Scholarship Fund for Training for Public Management

As of 2008, Corporación Líderes para Gobernar (Leaders to Govern Corporation), in strategic alliance with the Escuela de Gobierno – IDE Business School (School of Government– IDE Business School) developed a Governance and Political Leadership program.

Corporación GPF supports a scholarship fund that has benefitted dozens of people.

“A child that works loses more than it gains”

The Red de Empresas por un Ecuador Libre de Trabajo Infantil (Ecuador Network of Companies for a Country Free of Child Labor), in alliance with public-private corporations and the support of UNICEF, works towards raising awareness over the prevention and eradication of child labor.

Corporación GPF is firmly committed to the rights of children and adolescents and ensures no children intervene in the manufacturing processes of its strategic partners. As part of its commitment, all of its associates must be certified under these principles.

Ensuring Gender Equality and Talent Development

Corporación GPF is the fourth company in the country that has decided to include “The 7 Principles for Women’s Empowerment” of UN Women in its everyday activities, policies and business strategy.

The company promotes opportunities both for men and women, as well as an equal treatment in its entire value chain. It disseminates information on results achieved and is committed to include these Principles starting by the Governing Board all the way to the labor market, covering the whole value chain and the communities it serves.